Why Sincere?

All other factors being equal, companies that distinguish themselves by a focus on serving their customers with sincerity — that is, without deceit, pretense, or hypocrisy — are more likely to succeed in the long-run. Small-business owners who believe that will try to run their organizations accordingly, but if they employ other people, they may find themselves at war with a continual influx of insincere¬†techniques and tactics of business communication. If you have employees using trite and disingenuous language in sales proposals, being fake on social media, slandering your competition, or building marketing campaigns on fallacious reasoning, you can expect a portion of your market to roll its eyes and go elsewhere.

If your business is being undermined in those or related ways, I can examine elements of your marketing, sales, or other communication, identify and uproot the specific problems, and help you to chart a better way forward.