Sincere Writing and Editing offers writing and editing services to small businesses. If you need ongoing or project-based assistance with one or more elements of your company’s communication, I can provide it. I have substantial experience in my field, and I am capable of producing error-free, effective content for any of the following:

    • websites

    • sales proposals

    • taglines and campaign slogans

    • news releases

    • company and product descriptions

    • flyers, brochures, and catalogs

    • staff biographies 

    • blog posts 

    • mission, vision, and values statements 

    • white papers 

    • user and technical manuals 

    • internal reports 

    • business letters

    • correspondence with vendors, customers, and others

I’m well-versed in AP style, comfortable with number-intensive assignments, and an admirer of William Strunk, Jr., who taught in The Elements of Style that “Vigorous writing is concise,” and requires “that every word tell.”

Importantly, I don’t limit the scope of my work to the purview of grammar, because redundancies, clichés, exaggerations, factual errors, and fallacies also detract from communication purposed to sell a product or service, and likewise warrant correction. For more on this, see Why Sincere?.